Rap Artists Kerwin Young Has Worked With

Posted: August 23, 2018 in Press
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Several people have requested that I post a list of all the rap artists I’ve worked with over the years. There may be a listing somewhere in a previous blog, but here is a dedicated blog that addresses this concern.

Here is a complete list of artists that I as a producer have collaborated with since 1989. This list ONLY pertains to artists who have had recording deals with national and/or international releases.

  1. 5ive-0
  2. 8-Off the Assassin
  3. Apache
  4. Brothers Grimm (aka The Gravediggaz)
  5. Busta Rhymes
  6. Chief Groovy Loo and the Chosen Tribe
  7. Chuck D
  8. Cracka Jacks
  9. Daddy-O
  10. Dr. Dre
  11. Dream Warriors
  12. Eric B. & Rakim
  13. Fric-n-Frac
  14. Grandaddy I.U.
  15. Ice Cube
  16. I.G.T.
  17. Intelligent Hoodlum (aka Tragedy)
  18. Interrogators
  19. Kings of Pressure
  20. Leaders of the New School
  21. Lejuan Love
  22. Luke Skywalker and the 2 Live Crew
  23. MC Trouble
  24. Mobb Deep
  25. Poison Clan
  26. Prodigy
  27. Professor Griff / Professor Griff and the Last Asiatic Disciples
  28. Public Enemy
  29. Punk Barbarians
  30. Queen I-Asia
  31. Roc Marcy
  32. Rich Nice
  33. Rahiem (of the Furious Five)
  34. Schooly D
  35. Sista Souljah
  36. Smooth Ice
  37. Son of Bazerk
  38. Sonny Skillz
  39. True Mathematics
  40. Undercover Anarchists
  41. Young Black Teenagers
  42. Yung Joc

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