What I’m Feeling Right Now

Posted: June 21, 2018 in Composing Insights, Press

Super-Mega props to my buddy Brian Tyler for a kick-ass score to Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone. A few months back, I read in Film Score Monthly that Brian had the gig, but totally forgot; until I saw his name appear in the opening credits. What I love a lot is that it’s a far breath away from the more action driven music we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from Brian Tyler. I’m also loving the show as a whole, and I plan to continue watching. HOT!


Music I’ve been diggin’ on lately is Rachmaninoff’s The Isle of the Dead, Sun Ra, Fletcher Henderson, and Giacchino’s score to Incredibles 2.


As for my personal endeavors, I’ve edited my Symphony No. 1, Bolivar, and U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves. And, after some amendment to Reclamation, and Symphony No. 5, I can begin to focus on the new works in progress as Guanyin of the Southern Sea.

Of course there are ALWAYS recording production projects I’m working on, but I NEVER mention those until after they’ve been released; and that also goes for project ideas I’m working on. But, I’m still pushing to score my first major motion picture, and to be busy composing for media and concert orchestra (earning); not jumping through hoops for anyone. It would be great if I were busy doing that.





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