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On April 22, 2018, the University City Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of maestro Leon Burke III, premiered my Season of Autocracy. University City Mayor, Shelley Welsch, on the final day of her term, issued a proclamation in honor of the concert; including the premiere of Season of Autoctracy and its composer, Kerwin Young. I had a fantastic host, Ms. Janet Riehl! I was indeed treated like a king for entirety of my stay. Great food, great art, great people, and I also had the pleasure of seeing the St. Louis Symphony with guest cellist, Narek Hakhnazaryan.

Missouri has now been like a second home to me since I was thirteen. You may not know this, but once upon a time, I wanted to play professional baseball since the age of seven. Below is an article featured from the Columbia Daily Tribune’s Sunday newspaper during the summer of 1984, while I was attending the Mickey Owen Baseball School in Miller, Missouri. Though at the time I was living in Roosevelt, NY, I’ve always claimed Queens, NY as my home; and still do.

While a junior in high school, I separated my right shoulder in 1987, during a pickup basketball after school one day. The very next day was baseball tryoKerwin at Mickey Owen Baseball School 1984.jpguts. I batted well, but in the outfield, a line drive was hit deep to me. I fielded it, and then threw the ball to the infield. The ball never made it. The ball went straight up into the air and landed three feet in front of me. I picked the ball up, and then ran it in to my coach, told him my arm was shot, and I’ve got to move on and leave baseball behind. I was personally hurt, but right in that moment, I knew I could make it with music; so the choice was instantaneous and with confidence.

I find it ironic how Missouri has been a place of return since my baseball days. In 2009, I enrolled at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance.
While at UMKC, a chance encounter happened when Catherine Lehr Ramos, former St. Louis Symphony cellist, and I met during a Western Music History class. Our friendship led to the commission of Cellét (a masque for ten cellos), which premiered in 2016, in St. Louis at Catherine’s annual cello festival. It was at that festival when maestro Burke and I were introduced, and then began our dialogue and collaboration leading to the April 22, 2018 concert premiere.

This recent premiere was my first by any orchestra. What you may not also know is Season of Autocracy was composed over a three-day period immediately following the completion of my Symphony No. 5 (Perseverance). After its completion, I then wrote Symphony No. 6 (The Plagiarist); which happens to be my favorite!