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Music Publishing

Posted: May 27, 2017 in Press

In a conversation this morning with an artist/producer I know from Roosevelt, Strong Island, I mentioned “managing a music publishing company is like managing a farm. There are many facets to attend to; more than you think.



2Q17 Update

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Composing Insights, Press

Symphony No 5 Cover PageI just wrapped up Symphony No. 5 (Perseverance). It’s approximately 46 minutes, and it about wraps up my lengthy orchestral works for awhile. The next group of orchestral works I’ve got lined up are all single movement works, and a lot shorter than my five symphonies. However, Symphony No. 6 has quite a large percussion section.

I can slow the pace down a bit now, taking my time to write the slated works on my to do list. There are about 9 works I’ve got slated. Until I lock down a major motion score, I will continue to compose works based on either a non-fictional subject/character, folk-lore, current events, or my Kasuf series. Like Bartok or Penderecki, my orchestral works could easily be adapted to any motion picture. Though, they do need to be performed and recorded first; which is another drama in itself. Knowing that most orchestras haven’t evolved to accept the works of living composers, having one’s work programmed, performed, and recorded is quite a task, and requires strong political connections. Seriously!

Today is May 26th, Miles Davis Day, and I’m playing some Miles of course. I’ve got some edits to make to my violin suite. I really need to get the score done so I can market it.

Stay tuned, and hopefully the next blog I write will make mention of a film I will be underscoring.



Symphonies and Film Scores

Posted: May 18, 2017 in Press

photo 2I’ve just completed the fourth movement of Symphony No. 5. I’m working on movement two now; then I’ll be left to make final edits, which I do along the way. So far, the work is 40 minutes long. When finished, it’ll be a little under an hour. I’ve got enough extra material for 4 more orchestral works. BUT, I’ve still got my work for zheng, orchestra, baritone and choir to complete. And, there’s also Symphony No. 6. Both works are rather short compared to Symphonies 1-4, and Reclamation.

Over the past year, I’ve finally accepted the fact that I ought to screw the idea of waiting on orchestras to program or perform my works! Media offers the greatest opportunity for musical innovation and opportunities. Although I’ve been scoring films and television since 1994, the opportunities as a media composer continue to outweigh those offered by any orchestra…anywhere.

My daily routine consists of the following not in any specific order:

  • Compose for a few hours (either at the piano or without; with a dedicated project moleskine and a Tombow mechanical pencil.)
  • Score studies & conducting (classical rep)
  • Film studies (film analysis and musical accompaniment)
  • Music production (cue mock-ups and recording projects)
  • Several tea breaks
  • Early morning exercise
  • Check out the work and blogs of my contemporaries
  • Net scouring for new gear and tech

I continue to push forth as a composer of feature films, television, and games. I want to team up with a bad-ass filmmaker who’s creating some awesome stories! Epic status!