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Closing Out the 4th Quarter Strong

Posted: December 23, 2016 in Press

Just wrapped up two…nope, make that three film score albums for the 4th quarter 2016;
which I plan to release during the first quarter ’17. Two of the three albums were composed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in 3 weeks! Yeah man! The third lp is a compilation of un-released film scores from 2005-2007.

2016 closes out with the recent Chuautobiography-of-mr-chuck-2016ck D release of the 20th anniversary Mistachuck lp, If I Can’t Change the People Around Me, I Change the People Around Me.

This January, Tami Lee Hughes will premiere Songbirds, the commissioned suite for violin and piano.

For now, I’m back to composing Symphony No. 5 while I await any new assignments.