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The 3rd quarter is always challenging!! However, I’m well into writing the violin suite for Tami Lee Hughes. The first movement draft is complete, and I’m currently composing two of the middle movements simultaneously. Mind you, there are five movements; each depicting an iconic woman vocalist. I’m going through lots of old scores and am listening to a load of recordings. It’s fun, but tedious.

I should be working on my opera; however, I’ve got the itch to compose my fifth symphony! And, I may do just that. This time, I’m favoring more toward the route of Barber, Harris, Havergal Brian, or Sibelius, to compose a one movement symphony. For this work, I’m considering omitting the use of a choir, as I have previously done with my symphony no. 3. The instrumentation will be large, resembling the force from my most recent orchestral work, Reclamation.