April 2016

Posted: April 24, 2016 in Composing Insights, Press, Studio Buzz

Just finished composing Cellét, a masque for ten cellos that will premiere 30th May 2016 in St. Louis, as part of a cello fest organized by Catherine Lehr Ramos. Cellét was commissioned by Catherine, and will include choreography. A little over ten minutes, it’s been edited, revised/re-worked for its premiere.


I’m also wrapping up production on the Spencer Haywood soundtrack. I co-wrote two songs with Chuck D; one of which will be featured in the film. I’ve also produced a handful of additional songs on the album in various musical styles, including Hip-Hop, Reggae, Afro-Beat, and EDM!; for some legendary artists.


My orchestral suite, Reclamation is almost complete. I’m not yet done composing the lyrics. This work will cost a lot of money to program, and I am committed to continue composing large works such as this. Reclamation could easily be my fifth symphony, but I will reserve that slot for a much larger work. Reclamation consists of five movements, and is approximately twenty-eight minutes in length. A great companion piece alongside my master’s thesis, Escape from the Evil Empire, both works offer a magnificent program for any large orchestra with mixed chorus. Their combined performance time is forty-two minutes.


Upcoming work on my first opera is still in motion. It will NOT be done next year as planned, and I expect it to pose several challenges.


I’ve also been re-building my studio, piece by piece! I’m definitely feeling the west coast…I’m rockin’!! Won’t allow the concert-world blues to bring me down.






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