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Posted: September 13, 2015 in Press

Prodigy [Mobb Deep] appeared on a [unreleased] demo by Dr Seus from 1993 and also in a little-known group called Blitz. Those tracks were produced by Kerwin “Sleek” Young, who also produced half of Mobb Deep’s debut album “Juvenile Hell”. Read on…

Kerwin Young worked in Public Enemy’s Long Island studio at 510 South Franklin Avenue in Hempstead from 1988. He did production on all of Professor Griff’s solo albums and his magic wand [pause] has touched many a Bomb Squad production. In 1993 he produced a demo by a cat called Dr Seus which made it into the Source Unsigned Hype section and he also produced half of Mobb Deep’s debut album “Juvenile Hell”. So we hit him up….


Kerwin “Sleek” Young is steeped in Hip Hop flava. Born in 1970, Sleek grew up in Rockaway, Queens. At the age of 9 his family moved to Roosevelt, Long Island. The son of a professional trombonist, he was exposed to music from birth. He took up alto sax at school, and played in the all-county band. But, it was through his brother, ten years his senior, that he discovered early Hip Hop music and culture. In 1977, his brother went to a jam in the Bronx, where Kool Herc and the  Herculoids were playing, and he came back with a tape! That was one of the first sparks that ignited his interest in Hip Hop. By 1978 he was making 8-track pause button mixes and needle dropping. By 1982 he was selling pause button mix tapes at school and by 84 he started DJ’ing out. He was doing house parties with Darryl Spivey in St Albans and Springfield Gardens in Queens that year, and eventually landed a job spinning at the Sprectrum Cafe in East Meadow, LI in August of 1988.

To be continued…..


A1 Dr Seus – Dearly Beloved
A2 Kerwin “Sleek” Young feat. Blitz [incl Prodigy] – Pushin Off The Lead
A3 Sonny Skillz – I Want It All
A4 Bad Influence – What Flava

B1 Sonny Skillz feat B-Wyze – What Time Is It
B2 Kerwin “Sleek” Young – Aint It Funky Enough [Instrumental]
B3 B-Wyze – Da Bomb Rap Party
B4 Sonny Skillz – The Slaughter Continues

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