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U S Marshall - Bass Reeves (info sheet)-1I just completed the latest orchestral score, U.S. Marshall: Bass Reeves , along with the edits, artwork, and liner notes. This work offers a new instrumentation that I’ve never tried before, and it was a great learning process.

Next on the agenda is to begin edits on Symphony No. 2, which should probably last until October/November. Undoubtedly my largest and longest work to date, running at one hour, six minutes, it’s going to take awhile. There are also two writing projects at the top of my list that require much attention.

While I do have a few new music compositions in the plans, I’m going to take a break from composing and focus my attention on securing concert performances for the works already done, which are several! In conjunction, I’m continuing personal studies in conducting, at home and on my own time. It seems as if it may be the way to go, as the difficulty with forming alliances and/or acquaintances with conductors continues to outweigh the programming opportunities acquired. Every successful composer needs someone to champion their music, and every composer must find a way to market their self.

Oh yeah, before I forget to mention this, I’m reading an awesome book by T.M. Krishna, A Southern Music. Everyone who creates and/or studies music should have this future classic in their personal library! Yup, I said it!!!

Until next time……….