New Works for String Quartet and Orchestra

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Press

Mark Lewis in 香港 (Full Score)-1Hi everyone out there, I’ve just completed another work. This time, it’s a new work for string quartet, inspired by photographs taken by an acquaintance of mine while on a trip to Hong Kong. The work is called, Mark Lewis in Hong Kong. It’s in 3 movements, and the running time is about 9’25 minutes. Dig the front cover U S Marshall - Bass Reeves (info sheet)-1of the score.

Further, with Symphony No. 2 (Khemet West) complete, I can focus on completing several existing sketches. One work, U.S. Marshall – Bass Reeves (An Overture for an American Western) is currently being fleshed out. It’s for full orchestra, with men’s choir, accordion, and guitar.This particular composition will be a short one, at about 6 minutes. As part of my history series, this unique work would serve well as both an educational piece and an addition to any symphony orchestra’s program.

In the meanwhile, I’m seeking a residency with a major orchestra and commissions to compose new works. I begin editing Symphony No. 2 in the fall, and until then, I will attempt to complete as many works as I can. So far, I’m averaging two a month.

In the pop music world, work over at InCrowd has been amazing! Dig our first release, the wonderful Mattiel singing “Baby Brother“.

Stay tuned!



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