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Just wrapped up production on the 2nd album from Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle. Jazz world………look out!!! Black Linen‘s in-high demand, and heavily expected debut album, White Noise has just been remastered. While the band is still awaiting a deal signing, I took some time out to re-tweak a few things. Coming up are debut recordings from Sophia and Mattiel, two incredibly talented women!!! Damn right!

In the world of concert music (for some of you un-hip folks, that would be chamber, orchestral, and solo works), premieres for Music for Steven Spielberg’s Next Film (for alto saxophone and piano), and The Teen and the Talking Trees (for flute choir and narrator) are happening at the end of February. Symphony No.2, which is actually my third symphony is still in progress.

As graduation from UMKC’s master degree program in music composition rapidly approaches, I’m making final edits to my master thesis, a 15-minute work for orchestra, soprano, and women’s choir. Combined with my other large orchestral works, the collective body of works composed thus far ought to bring forth a residency with a major orchestra. That would be awesome!! Gustavo Dudamel, where are you? I can see it now, “Dudamel Conducts Kerwin!”……….sounds nice!!!