In Harmony/In Rhythm

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Press

The purpose of music is for raising one’s social and spiritual consciousness/awareness. I said RAISING! Raising; not lowering. Further, music serves as an educational tool for social awareness.

Why would anyone label his/herself a composer, a musician, a conductor, an artist if they do not practice or embrace this? The basic elements of music are rhythm and harmony. Social harmony is severely lacking among musicians, composers, and just about all those who consider themselves in the field of music. People who do not practice harmonious living or a rhythmic accord amongst others or within their own self should not practice music; neither should they be respected as decent human beings. The world would be a much peaceful existence without unharmonious activity exerting its core to the fore.

What made me write this? I’ve come across several recording and performing artists, composers, recording producers, conductors, etc… who all uphold the tenets of music whenever they speak. Yet in practice, their actions are out of tune. Rather than living a life whereby music allows them to act harmonious, many of these characters continue to practice segregation based on ethnicity, class, sex, and religion. How can you do any good when you practice evil?

Music is a high art form, so why not live your life; or attempt to live your life by higher standards. What’s the difficulty in that? Why must you not speak to someone else simply because he/she is having a little bit more success than you? Why must you not respond to an email, text, or phone call simply because you feel superior? Or, because the sender doesn’t have the same affiliations or credentials as you? What’s the logic in that? I’d like to know. Why must you inhibit the forward progression of someone simply because their cultural background is different than yours? Or that their musical language is different? Or that they studied with someone whom you lack a secure relationship with? Or, better yet, because they haven’t received any awards of significant prestige?

In practicing harmony, it is important that you speak to others and be honest in your communication. That’s what sharing is about; exchanging information……goods, knowledge.

There is no harmony within you if the only people you consider worthy of your space are your immediate friends and/or relatives. If you are unwilling to share with others, honestly, and not lying to oneself; then you are on the right course. However, don’t fake it…..because someone as I can readily notice your insincerity.

Yes, I continue the refusal of working with performing artists (vocalists) who have nothing positive to say. I also avoid anyone who does not embrace a harmonious lifestyle. I totally avoid someone/anyone who practices exclusion, jealousy, and negativity. You are a poison.

I just thought I’d write this. It’s certainly not personal, but it stems from my observation of those that I interact with on a daily basis, both near and far. After 20 years as a music publisher, and 25 years as a recording producer/composer, I’ve encountered a great number of interesting people. I come from a music community; whereby all shared and supported one another. It just seems that much of that has dissipated as more and more people prefer to practice individualism.



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