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Posted: January 30, 2014 in Composing Insights, Press, Studio Buzz

Fresh for this first quarter of 2014, U.S. and U.K. premiers of Cry of the Queenless King are in preparation. Still working out the exact dates. Completion of Mis-Treatment of the Honorable took place this week. Composed for the FAQtet Ensemble as part of my 2014-2015 composer residency with the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, it will premier in April.

Just today, I’ve completed Theme from the Motion Picture: It Happened in January, for solo horn and piano. Meghan Phadke will premier this in May as part of her horn recital. It’s a great piece.

I’ve accepted the role as composer and music director for Cynthia Hardeman’s first play, Truth Stands, which will premier February 2015. Hip-Hop flavor coming!!
I’m really excited that I get to make some BEATS again!!!!! Wow!!!

The producer itch beckons my attention once again; I will begin work with Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle on their second album this spring. I’m also composing some new vibes for the band.

Other compositions in progress include 3 new chamber works, and a large ensemble work that I hope will be a kick-ass wind band work.

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