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Fantastic Voyage: The Musical Journey of Kerwin Young (Click on link)

It’s just after 2:oo am in Kansas City, Missouri.  Recorded the debut album of the Paul Shinn Trio (Paul Shinn – Piano, Dominique Sanders – Bass, Ryan J. Lee – Drums) took only 6 hours!!  Impressive.  These guys are some of THE BEST musicians I’ve ever worked with!!!!  With Toussaint Hunt engineering the session, nothing could be better!!!  As the recording producer, all I can say is that it’s always great to work with great people!!!  More to come!


Working backwards………hmn…..well, I’ve completed the third movement.  The first movement is almost complete, but it needs to sound big and heroic……. to me at least.

I spend much time away from the piano and guitar; just writing, and then I’ll go check it out.  Sort of like the late Peter Mennin’s process.  I’ll input my sketches into the computer, print it out (as suggested by Dr. Daniel Eichenbaum), mark it up for edits, re-work it, and then re-input it back into the computer for the final draft.  It’s not as tedious as it may seem, but it’s just another process for creating.  Here’s an example:

Sakanoue no Tamuramaro sketch edit

I’ve got about four more weeks remaining before I wrap it up, and parts don’t have to be prepared for another 2 months.  This gives me enough time to get back to my second and third symphonies; along with another orchestral work I’ve been revising for the past 3 years.

Oh well, that’s about it on this matter.  Stay tuned for the next update.