New Works for 2012

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Press

The past 6 months have been exciting.  I’ve finally completed my Symphony No. 1 (Empire of Kasuf) after about 18th drafts!  It took a lot out of me.  Five other orchestral works have been completed as well:

  1. Rabat Waterfront Fantasy
  2. Symphony No. 3 (Captain Paul Cuffe and the Traveller)
  3. The Gardener and the Tyrant
  4. Inescapable (Concerto for Contrabass and Wind Symphony)
  5. The House of Price (for string orchestra)
Also, a recent commission for an Afro-beat composition entitled, Journey to the Center of the Floor, was completed in June.
Current works in progress are a composition for solo Guzheng (古筝), four concert works for full orchestra, and a film score.
Stay tuned!!

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